Thursday, May 19, 2005


This is a little bit 'o this and a little bit 'o that. But during my walk around the blog today, it seems like a lot of us are kind of in a distracted mood.

He's back and funnier than ever. Thanks to Larissa for pointing me back to Longmire, who has done some new Romance Novel Cover Parodies. I laughed out loud. A lot.

Last night's episode of Lost totally rocked. Man, I love this show. Really. I have never watched a program that has so totally captured all of my emotions. I felt pure terror when the column of black smoke appeared on the horizon. And tears streamed down my cheeks during the scene between estranged husband and wife, Jin and Sun. I can barely stand the seven-day wait until next week's finale. And if they send us off for the summer with a huge cliffhanger, I think I'll explode.

If you aren't a fan of Lost, please, this summer I highly recommend trying to catch up with the reruns they will hopefully air. Or you could just watch the special episode The Journey (if you can find it), which offers a wonderful hour-long summary of the various characters and the goings on that have happened all season. The only problem with watching The Journey is that it doesn't supply the backstories that have been so slowly revealed. It's my understanding that Season 1 will be available on DVD in September, so run - don't walk - to your nearest Blockbuster to check that sucker out. Storytelling at its very best.

I've just acquired and read Emma Thompson's book The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay & Diaries: Bringing Jane Austen's Novel to Film. What a blast it is for me to get a peak behind the scenes. I'm a total sucker for that kind of stuff. I watch every single second of the "Making of" featurettes that come on DVDs, and Emma Thompson's diary is wonderful.

Especially cool are her views on her costars ("Kissing Hugh (Grant) was very lovely." and "Not Alan's (Rickman) happiest moment but he was splendid, charming and virile.") and her own not-infrequent disappointment with herself ("Frumpy, sad, old and weepy today.") You really get the idea that Emma is a normal person with her days when she feels like she looks awful, a complete reversal of the idea that movie stars always look and feel as glamorous as they appear to us mere mortals.

And as much as I think I'd love to star in films, it seems like a rather tedious business. I would guess that they spend about 75% of the time waiting around and only 25% actually acting. Not to mention the stuff actors have to go through, like staying in wet clothes for 15 straight hours while trying to film a scene that takes place in the rain. I suppose it's all worth it in the end when the movie turns out so well.

Okay, I'm admitting to a touch of laziness today. And since I don't seem to have much of any value to say, I'll just call it a day.

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Nicole said...

I missed a few episodes of LOST earlier this year, so I stopped watching and decided I'd pick it up on dvd. Luckily, it's up for pre-order on Amazon. I sense I'll be having a marathon before the second season. Or taping a few shows, anyways.