Thursday, November 17, 2005

'Bout Time


What is it about this guy? I mean, he's a good 'ol boy from Texas who probably actually uses the phrase "lil' lady" and has an NRA sticker on his SUV. His hair's usually got that too-shaggy slicked back look and, really, the perpetual five o'clock shadow went out the same time pastel tees underneath white jackets (except, he pulls it off somehow). But dang, have you ever seen him without a shirt? Honestly. I typed his name into Google Images and came up with about a gazillion, and every single one of them was fabulous. If for nothing else he deserves this title because he's so incredibly photogenic. He may be a total toad in person, but since my chances of meeting him are right up there with walking on the moon, that's fine by me.

As for People's other picks, kudos for some of the surprises. I love Patrick Dempsey. Have ever since I saw him in Can't Buy Me Love. He's one of those geeky types that grew up into a complete hottie. Also, I love it when sexy actors are around my age. Makes me feel like I'm not so old.

Viggo in at number 4. There are no words.

Okay, I'm just not seeing the appeal of Vince Vaughn. I know he's the rage right now because of the whole Jennifer Aniston thing. And at first I had no idea why everyone swooned over Jude Law or Ashton Kutcher, but I did eventually see the light. Maybe I just need some more Vaughn exposure.

Fab body aside, Nick Lachey does nothing for me because he's forever connected to Jessica Simpson, whom, I'm sorry, appears to be the quintessential dumb blond making Nick a himbo. Sorry, Nick, you might be a great guy, but I call 'em like I see 'em.

Big fat YES to Heath Ledger, although thinking he's sexy makes me feel a whole lot like some dirty old lady. I could have babysat him, for crying out loud.

Daniel Dae Kim is one of those guys who has grown on me. Those non-Lost folks out there should consider tuning in to take a look, although Sawyer/Josh Holloway would be my first pick to get stranded with on the island.

Keith Urban, yes, cute, but a little on the skinny side for me to label "sexy". Did you know he's from Australia? When he sings country music, he sounds like he came straight out of the hills of Southern America. Why is it that people lose their accent when they sing? When non-US English speakers hear American people sing, does it sound like they've lost their American accent?

Skipping Ian McShane because that one I don't get, straight on to Matt, who is a great pick because he grew from cute boy-next-door into grown-up-sexy. We won't go into why it is I find him sexier as Jason Bourne than I did as Good Will Hunting because it might reveal that I find brawn sexier than brains, which isn't true. I need the perfect blending of the two.

Denis O'Leary has that un-nameable something that does make him appealing even though I don't find him physically attractive. I think it might be the confidence factor. Any guy who exudes the amount of confidence he does is automatically attractive on a certain level. I don't watch Rescue Me, but I want to. It might be the first television progam I watch strictly on DVD.

You'll notice I skipped Pick #3, Terrance Howard. I'm also going to skip Anderson Cooper. I've never even seen these guys before this article. I know I'm hopelessly out of it. I'll keep my eyes out for these guys and get back to you later.

Right now, Clive Owen falls into the Vince Vaughn category for me (hmmm, wonder if there is an Aniston connection going on). I've seen him in only one movie, King Arthur, and I did like him. But I need further exposure to make a final call.

So, I suppose in addition to trying to scam tix for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this weekend I need to be hunting down People so I can take a gander at the remaining Sexiest Men Alive. I know. The hardships.


HelenKay said...

Love Patrick Dempsey. Don't get Vaughn, but I do think Clive Owen has incredible appeal. There is just something about that guy. Maybe it's the bady boy lurking underneath the suit thing...

AE Rought said...

Holy Viggo, does that man look good in rumpled blue with blond hair! Wow to Dae Kim, how come he doesn't wander the island shirtless? And finally... No Naveen?! *pouts* Maybe having a woman that much older attached to him makes for an unappealing aura?

MaryF said...

I adore Vince Vaughn, but not in his raunchy Owen Wilson/Will Farrell movies . I love the bigness of him, the fast talk, the round face. Mm.

Also love Clive - consider watching Beyond Borders. Mmmmmmm.

I like Viggo and Daniel, but would have picked Sawyer over Daniel.

I love that all these guys except Heath are in their 30s or older.

I remember seeing Matthew on the cover of Vanity Fair when A Time to Kill came out and I stopped in my tracks. I like his pics better than his movies, though.

Nick and Heath, no. My mom had a crush on Ian McShane about a million years ago.

I did spend a good half hour on that website. Thanks ;)