Monday, October 02, 2006

Back On the Blog

Haitus over.

Come to find out, blogging is kind of like some reverse addiction recovery program. Instead of pride when I say it's been nearly two months since I've last blogged, I'm ashamed to admit I've gone so long without a fix. Not to mention that I've messed up my perfect a-post-in-every-month archive over on the side.

Let's see, what have I accomplished in the last fifty-some-odd days?

Read a few good books. Tune in at some point and I'll give you my opinions on J.R. Ward's third installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lover Awakened (awesome!!) and Suzanne Brockman's controversial (sort of) Into the Storm (close to awesome).

Became hooked on Angel. Just what I really didn't need, a show already in syndication that I could conceivably watch every day until the end of time.

Have discovered a handful of new TV shows that seem promising. Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip and Men In Trees are my new must-sees.

James Tupper is my current newest crush and forever boyfriend. Hands off.

I re-decorated two kids' bedrooms, complete with fancy painting schemes.

Got said kids back to school.

Over-committed myself as a volunteer at same school.

Have vowed to learn how to say "no".

And most importantly, I've learned that re-starting a good habit is as hard as giving up a bad one.

Hiatus over.


Paul said...

Welcome back. :)

And blogging... it's not an addiction. It's a responsibility. A way to keep us, your loyal fans, informed.

It's all in the mindset.

Don't worry too much about Angel, BTW. It's a finite resource. And, really, the whole thing started to go downhill halfway through. Still worth watching, for the most part. And there are some real late-season gems.

But one of the writers had this thing he wanted to do with S5 of L&C and he got to do it with Angel instead, and the show was never the same after that.

Almost makes me happy L&C got cancelled in time...

RJ said...

Ever think of applying to write a column? I think readers would welcome your style. Many miss Erma Bombeck. Just a thought! Ron J