Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random Nothings

A few random musings to get me back in the swing of blogging after a two-week break.

Book pimping: If you haven't read it yet, check out Lynn Truss's Talk to the Hand. Not only is this book hilarious and extremely well written, Truss's observations about the almost epidemic levels of complete self-absorption mankind has slipped into are so spot on I spend most of my time nodding as I read. Anyone who has ever wanted to reach over to the person talking on their cell while simultaneously checking out at the grocery store, pluck the thing out of her hand and beat her senseless with it will appreciate this book endlessly.

Sympathy: Last night I watched Troy on DVD, and my one lingering thought is how utterly bad I feel for Jennifer Aniston. Because no matter how much times passes, she'll never escape the cinematic reminders of the bod that once slept next to her. Sure, Brad Pitt might have been a cad who cheated on her, might have left dirty socks laying all over the floor or the toilet seat up at night, heck might even have had B.O. or halitosis. But all that is a piffle if this is how you spend your nights, right? Jen is gorgeous and she'll find a good man yet, no doubt. But dang, that's got to be tough. I wonder if she actively avoids his movies? I suppose her best hope is that he won't age well, and she'll be glad she had him during his glory years.

Computer problems: I'm still working on making the switch from Mac to PC. You wouldn't think it would be a big deal, but right now I'm tearing my hair out because Firefox is giving me grief. I can't seem to close the application. How is that possible, that you can't close an application? Does anyone else have Firefox problems on a Mac? I did, however, discover where the "forced quit" function lies on my machine.

Music: I'm a woman nearly of a certain age, so I'm certainly too old to be as intrigued as I am by the alternative rock group 30 Seconds to Mars. I was up late the other night, with one of those lame countdown shows on MTV as background noise. The show ended and the late night video plays kicked in. First up was this mind-blowing video by 30STM for their song, From Yesterday. I was completely captivated, and I have no idea why. Could be Jared Leto's eyes. You know, you read eyes described in books - especially in romance novels - that simply defy the possibility of physical reality because they are so blue or so light or so intense. Most people have blue-ish eyes, with a lot of green or gray or other stuff in them. Or the intensity is fleeting at best, because no one can maintain a constantly intense look without getting a migraine. So you chalk such fancy up to creative license on the part of the writer. Then you see someone like Jared Leto and begin to believe.

Great in theory, poor in execution: Rented and watched The Covenant, despite the fact the movie got a grand total of 3% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The premise is stellar - four boys who inherit magical powers via their warlock ancestors. The execution was weak. The director mistook dim lighting for darkness as a theme, making things just too hard to see rather than scary or intense. I'm wishing now someone would do the idea justice. Because, oh, the pretty boys.

Yes, as a matter of fact I am feeling kind of perverted today.

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