Sunday, February 01, 2009


I've recently become hooked on the TV show Supernatural. Hooked as in, I've watched two seasons on DVD over the course of a week, am waiting very impatiently by the mailbox for my Season 3 DVDs to arrive, and have downloaded Season 4 episodes off iTunes so I can catch up to what's currently airing each week on The CW. Never let it be said that I don't dive in fully committed.

This show is custom built to suck me in. Two tormented brothers, played by two hot young actors, traveling the country protecting every day folks from things that go bump in the night. Loads of angst and self-torment, underdog heroes. Even a cool 1967 black Chevy Impala. What's not to love?

And as I do when something captures my fancy, I turn to the internet for more. People who share the same passion and want to talk about it ad nauseam when the live humans in my life have absolutely no interest. Maybe a fanfic or two to indulge my need to explore outside the official canon box. However, when you dip your toe into the waters of fandom, you often find the depth is way - WAY - over your head.

Case in point: I've learned a new word. Wincest. And I have to admit, it's quite disturbing.

To those who watch the show, the meaning is self-explanatory. You know what I'm talking about. Wink. Wink. To non-believers, I'll try to explain without actually saying the words. The brothers' last name is Winchester. They are both gorgeous, healthy, strapping young men. They hang out with each other all the time. Pretty much exclusively. Alone. In a state of constant tension due to their demon-chasing work. One thing leading to another...Wincest.

And yes, major big time ick.

I found this blog entry that really sums up my feelings about Wincest pretty accurately. I can completely understand how such a concept came to be. I am no prude, and Queer As Folk showed me in living color how utterly hot man on man action can be if they are the right men (hello, Brian and Justin, that would be you). It's not the boy on boy aspect of Wincest that stops me cold. It's the brother on brother.

Incest is probably the most universally taboo social construct known to mankind, bar none. I know of not one group of peoples on the planet who accepts sibling on sibling action when the siblings share real genetic material, aka one or more parents. Even beyond the social, there are biological imperatives that give good reason it is forbidden.

So while I understand why fans might be drawn to the idea of Sam and Dean hooking up, I just can't jump on board that crazy train. I have no interest in going there. I don't mind if you torture my favorite characters, drag them to and through Hell and back again, break them, separate them, twist them up and wring them out. Just don't go there.



Anonymous said...

I'm always a little surprised that this sort of thing doesn't seem to bother other people as much as it bothers me. I've come across several twins in romance novels who like to indulge in group sex together and it doesn't seem to raise an eyebrow. --willaful

Lynn M said...

Exactly. I guess I'm just shocked at how much of this Wincest exists in the Supernatural fanfic arena, which leads me to believe a lot of people are okay with it.

Not that I'm trying to tell people what they should like and/or not like. I just don't see how they can ignore the taboo of incest. What could they possibly read/write that would make this acceptible in any capacity?

Not to mention how OOC the stories must be, given that the Sam and Dean that I've come to know on the show would in a million years never think this was in any way okay.