Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Stage Director In a Previous Life

I must have been a stage director in a previous life.

My characters spend more time turning around, going to or from one spot to the next, and just generally moving through the scene. And I'm not talking cool action moving. I'm talking ho hum, who cares moving.

She went to the sink and started washing dishes.

He turned around and picked up the socket wrench.

They came in from the living room and sat down for dinner.

Clearly, I need to work on setting. That's the only thing I can think of that explains why I seem to have a constant need to position my characters in a scene like they're poseable action figures.

I'll catch it all in the revise. Because I never seem to notice it so much as when I'm rereading.


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Quill and Me... said...

Hey Lynn M,

Lol, I have the same problem! The buzz I feel when finishing a story is always quickly replaced with the who cares syndrome after I read the first draft. But, I don't worry about it for too long because it's always quickly replaced by a case of the rewrites.:D

Sorry this reply is so late, but we just discovered your blog.:)