Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Is It Official?

Is it official? Testing? Testing? Am I official?

The other day my husband told me, "You are not a closer."

And I couldn't even argue. I couldn't even admonish him for not using the kinder description of procrastinator. He's right. I'm not a closer.

Can I tell you how many projects I have in some stage or another, how many rooms in my house that are 80% decorated and how many stacks of important papers I need to sort and file? Heck, I've lived in my house for four years now and still have at least a dozen boxes still to unpack. I left my last job two years ago and haven't yet managed to tie up the loose ends with my 401K. And I won't even go into how many stories I have started - how many characters I know so well they could be kin - that are now languishing on my hard drive.

I have no excuses. I have time. I have resources galore at my fingertips and a spouse who actually supports my hobby. (Despite the fact that I keep telling him he's not going to be able to retire even if I ever do someday get published. JK Rowling I'm not.)

So, today I stop being a non-closer. By starting this blog, I'm sentencing myself to accountability. No one may ever read this, but I'll know that the great vast space of the internet is watching and monitoring my progress.

Let's see how it goes.

Lynn M


Anonymous said...

I think it will be healthier if you (or your husband) refer to your habits as that you "can close but have other, stronger points."

Lynn M said...

LOL! Thanks for your concern, and I'll tell you, I do try as often as I can to remind my husband of my many good traits *vbg*. In this instance, what he said was very much in context and at the time I took no offense to it. Besides, he is right. And labeling myself correctly is a good step, IMO, to changing the bad habit.

Thanks for posting :)

Lynn M

Jamy said...
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Jamy said...

Nothing wrong with knowing what is wrong with oneself. If you don't know, how can you fix it?

Anonymous said...

Argh!! Lynn! West Wing spoilers!!! :(