Monday, January 31, 2005


I had the goal of writing five blogs a week, thinking I'd do one each weekday then take the weekend off. Usually real life takes all my time on Saturdays and Sundays. However, yesterday, I had enough in my head to write a long one and I posted it. So today I'm going to do a Quickie and not feel too bad about.

Because today I decided I need to do a website. Yeah, I know. Me and two gagillion other people. But I happened upon Jennifer Crusie's site and was so impressed by how classy it was and how fun to read about her. I know I've got light years to go until I'm any kind of Jenny Crusie. But hey, baby steps, right?

So instead of doing anything truly constructive today, I cruised around the internet picking up fun backgrounds and clip art from the fabulous free-stuff places I found. Can I just thank those wonderful people right now who sit around and goof with Photoshop, designing all kinds of funky stuff I don't have the time to do. You guys are the greatest!

And of course I had to stop to download the Photoshop Elements program my dad handed down to me so I could spend hours doing some goofing of my own. Plus playing with the whole HTML stuff and trying to figure out why my frames wouldn't work...okay, see where this is headed? It's one of those starting of a new project before finishing the old.

In fact, my husband's remark when he called and I told him what I was up to? "Shouldn't you actually have some books published before you worry about a website?"

Hey, I'm proactive.

My big dilemma now is what look I want to go with. My background is in creative design, so this whole web design thing is like my crack. I get addicted at just the idea of all of the possibilities. I can't decide if I want to go light and fun, kind of gimmicky. Or would it be better to go professional and classy? I mean, I like to think that someday some publisher will get my query letter and actually go check out my website like I suggest...


Anonymous said...

Lynn, a website is a great affirmation that you WILL be published! And it's fun. :)


Lynn M said...

Thanks, Suzanne, for giving me a good excuse :). I spent the better part of yesterday "playing" and it was so much fun. Can't decide if I should go clean and classy or fun and gimmicky. It's so cool, all the things you can do.

And I checked out your website, btw. Very nice! Hope you don't mind if I refer to it for ideas or answers to "how should I...?"