Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Quickie

This is just a quickie since I really do need to do some actual writing today. You know, on those pesky books I'm determined to finish so that my good name will be restored.

First of all, I'm adding a site-meter counter to my blog. I hope that's kosher. I feel kind of like I'm spying, but I'm one of those intensely curious people who just can't stand not knowing if anyone at all is stopping by. Too, I got this really cool book out of the library last night that tells about all these bells and whistles you can add to jazz up your blog. I'm working my way through them. *g*

Second, I just want to say that last night, my Big Three shows all pretty much rocked. Lost was a work of pure genius (and no, not just because I worship the ground Sawyer walks on). They way the writers are weaving this story is just jaw-dropping to me. Yeah, some of the backstories have made me yawn (Michael and Walt and last week's segment with Charlie), but last night? Wow!

Too, The West Wing really bowled me over. I love Jimmy Smits. Have since his LA Law days. I really want to see him win the election, but so far things had been looking so bad for him and my dearest Josh that I was starting to pick up objects to hurl at the TV. Then, last night, the balance shifted. It was just so cool. Plus Donna got in an argument with a chicken. How can you not love that?

Even my guilty pleasure show was a pleasant surprise. Just one of those easy-0n-the-brain makes-you-smile stories. One of these days, I'll confess.

Finally, can I just tell you that in the space of time between yesterday at 11 am when I picked my son up at preschool and this moment, an entirely new story has blossomed in my head? A new heroine to match with a hero who'd been languishing, loveless, as part of a bigger group of guys, along with their meet-cute and complete with the conflict - both internal and external - needed to keep them apart for a good healthy portion of the book. They've joined the party with the rest of my characters but not until after they'd stopped at the door long enough to unload their histories on to my already heaping plate. It's nice to meet them. I just wish they'd have stayed home a little bit longer.

Okay, this wasn't as short as I expected. But it did ramble quite nicely, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

You aren't whistling into the wind, Lynn, though I can see how it would feel that way. I'm really enjoying your interesting take on all aspects of writing, as well as what you enjoy reading and watching.

I can't remember his name or the book title, but there is a man who is a lifelong novelist, thirty years of writing, who has only recently been published- to great acclaim. He wouldn't have been, but he had gone to a vanity press, IIRC, and was selling his novel out of the trunk of his car. Somehow, Stephen King read it. Loved it. And got him a book contract.

The reason I'm rambling on with this antidote is when they came to him and said "What else do you have?" he had a stack of novels just ready to go.

Your characters, who drop in and out according to their own whim, and not to your best intended timetable, remind me of that. Write them. Every last one. Maybe they form a huge epic. Or a series. Or just the stack you'll have waiting when Stephen King finds you!

Keep up the good work!