Friday, February 18, 2005

Teeniest Tiniest Complaint

Never thought I'd do two entries in one day, but I just have to get this off my chest. I have a teeny, tiny little miniscule pet peeve that bears mentioning because perhaps others have the same issue.

I have a lot of trouble reading blogs and websites where the text is white on a black or very very dark background. It really strains my eyes, and the resulting after-image lingers for a good fifteen minutes after I've stopped reading and returned to a normal dark type on light background screen. If the type is also very small, even a small time spent trying to read it makes my head hurt. Just a while ago I went to a white text/black background site and even now I can barely see my own screen because of the haze burned into my retinas. It makes me sad because a couple of places I've recently visited have content that really intrigues me but I just can't look at the screen long enough to actually read it all.

I know it looks really cool. Heck, when I worked in creative design reverse out type was all the thing. But it is pure murder on the vision when it involves pixels and a computer monitor.

Not that I'm expecting anyone to run out and change their blog or website to please me. Just know that if you decide to go that route - a light colored text on a very dark background - that you might lose a couple of readers to eye-fatigue.

Thanks. Complaint done. Back to my normal, positive self. *g*


Sasha White said...

My Site is black with white text. *blush* and I understand what you're saying. But I also thinksize of text is a factor. I say this because theer is a feature on my website where you can change the size of text for your own veiwing. *g*

Hope that helps!

wendywoo said...

Hi! My eyesight is deteriorating with age, and I too find white [or other light shade] on black rather painful on my eyes. I used to be fine, but nowadays, not so good. I sigh with relief when I find a 'plain black text on white background' site. I understand the need for colour, to create a web site's personality, but there's a lot to be said for simplicity where large sections of text are involved.

Sorry, I just got on my hobbyhorse! I'll get off now... :)