Thursday, July 14, 2005

Don't Read This, Grandma

Well, I guess I won't be bumping into the Pope when I'm standing on line tomorrow night for HP 6. Apparently, Benedict XVI is among those fundamentalist asshats who think words in a book are all it takes to turn children into evil, bloodsucking fiends. I'm willing to bet some pretty hard bucks that Pope Benedict hasn't read a single HP book, yet clearly he believes that reading Garbiel Kuby's one-sided book is enough for him to form an opinion.

Please, tell me when the narrow minded people of this world will finally understand that *they* are the ones creating evil, bloodsucking fiendish children?

And another reason I'm glad I converted away from Catholicism. I'll get to sit at the fun table when I get to Heaven.

UPDATE: I just read on The Leaky Cauldron that the Pope, or at least those who speak for him, are doing a bit of backpeddaling. Sounds like at least one Catholic official, Monsigner Peter Fleedwood, is a very intelligent and perceptive person. A Transcript of the Vatican Radio program 105live on Thursday, July 14, 2005 can be found here, and it is quite impressive. If Pope Benedict really does reflect the same opinions as those expressed by Msgr. Fleedwood, then I will offer my apologies for jumping to conclusions.

Even so, I'm sticking with the Episcopalians.

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teresa said...

I heard about the Pope's comments. Harry Potter isn't evil. It's a book. A book that has children interesting in reading again. A book that has adults picking it up to read it who haven't read a book for XX years. It's a great series of good trying to over come evil.

Long live HP. BTW, my brother who is a minister not only reads the books but allows his son too as well, and we always discuss the books.