Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm Still Here

Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't disappeared, despite the appearance that this is so. A few nights ago a massive thunderstorm rolled through the Chicagoland area. On its way, it dropped a bolt of lightning that struck a tree very close to our house. So close, in fact, that we now have no telephone service or internet/cable access.

I can't tell you how out of touch with the world I feel. I'm at the library right now just so I can send out this entry, and not being able to just plop down at the laptop any old time I feel like it to answer e-mail or check a fact or blog is about killing me.

Anyway, the Comcast repair dude is scheduled to come to fix me all better on Tuesday, so hopefully by Wednesday I'll be back for real.

In the mean time, the lesson learned by this is lightning is NOT your friend.


Mama P said...

Hi -

Just read your profile and will read more of your blog. I also have a blog with similar themes on blogspot called PasstheZoloft. I'm always interested in why we moms, who work our butt off to take care of our family, some how admit this with shame? I do the same, so not being judgemental. But if you really think about, why is what we're doing not important? Is that what society has led us to believe,or truley do we not find it important and feel embarrased? I think it's more of the first, with media only focusing on young Diet Coke big hair models who are free as a bird. That's all shit. We are living real life, and I say don't be so embarrassed (like your profile sort of acknowledges.) I say blog about it, but keep moving forward with your writing. It's what I plan on doing, too. Hang in there, okay?

Mama P said...

Oh, and if your writing career is anything like your electrical storm, you're lucky. Clearly lightening can strike you!