Thursday, March 02, 2006

100% Personal Eye Candy

Total, blatant rip off from Candy over at Smart Bitches as far as ideas go. It's a long way off from Valentine's Day now and I wasn't memed directly, but who needs a reason for a little eye candy? And since I'm stealing, I'll borrow also directly from Friends by lamenating my list of the 10 Famous People I'd Shag (and who my husband would probably let me):

BTW - these aren't in any order of preference, just in the way that I found the images

Gale Harold. As the character Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk, Gale was pretty much walking sex on a stick. QaF is gone, but I sure hope Gale shows up someplace soon. Yum.

Heath Ledger. Yeah, I feel like a dirty old lady and he looks like such a kid. But, man, that smile just knocks my socks off. He reminds me of being in high school.

James Marsters. I prefer him with the bleach blond Spike hair, in fact, as bad boy Spike in general. But the one episode in Buffy where he appeared with his roots grown out so darkly was probably the sexy I've ever seen him. Although, sometimes the severity of his cheekbones is a bit frightening. Talk about sculpted.

Tom Welling. Yeah, yeah, he's a pretty boy. So? What's wrong with pretty boys? Especially extremely tall, extremely pretty ones?

Matthew McConaughey. Can I just tell you how glad I am that movie execs always manage to write in at least one naked-torso Matt shot per film? What a crime it would be to cover up all that fine muscle. Only thing about Matt - he always looks to me in need of a shower. Which, actually, could be a good thing...

Jude Law. Which proves I have the ability to divorce reality from fantasy, ignoring the skank factor this guy obtained on cheating with the nanny. He's still sexy. And he has the loveliest British accent. I could listen to him talk all night long.

Vin Diesel. Which proves a boon for my husband, since I'm more than willing to sit through some pretty plot-poor, bad-dialogue action flicks just to watch Vin be bad. And good. And really bad. Oh, there was that The Pacifier movie...

Simon Baker. He's a new one on my list thanks to Something New. He's the quintessential California surfer boy. He's also one who makes me question why romance readers don't tend to prefer blond heroes.
Colin Firth. Yeah, I'm sorry. It's Darcy, I know. But...I just can't help myself. Only when I saw Colin as Darcy did I understand the true appeal of cravats and lacy shirts. Who could ever resist The Look? My hubby just doesn't get Colin's appeal, since he really is kind of an every-man. That's the point, isn't it?

Viggo Mortensen. Do I get points because I found a shot that isn't Viggo-as-Aragorn? Because, really, the guy is sexiest when he's all grungy and return-of-the-king-y. I prefer him with a bit of scruff, but even without beard, the man is something to behold.

So, these are the current Top Ten, subject to change on my whims. That's the nicest thing about living in the fantasy world; no hurt feelings when you get bumped from the list.

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meljean brook said...

I think my list would be maybe two different from this one (I've never seen QaF, but the pic is very nice)

Jude Law -- that pic you have up there is actually one of the pics I'm basing my current hero on. And how sad is it that the cheating personality is part of the 'mood' I'm setting for myself with that picture? Sad sad. But very yum.