Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blog Cleaning

I did some blog housecleaning this week. Went into my favorites list where I have bookmarked probably about thirty or so blogs I visit regularly and removed a couple that have not been updated in well over a month. Moved quite a few around so they more clearly reflect the order in which I'm likely to check them out, so I can efficiently work my way down the list and have good stopping points when I'm limited for time.

I've noticed that many of the blogs I visit daily are slowing down as far as frequency of posts go. I'm very guilty of this (because for some reason, I haven't had much to say lately), so I'm not throwing stones or anything. And it's Spring so people start to get busy and aren't inside so much, plus the needs of work and family and real life often step in to take priority over blogging.

I do admit to that twinge of disappointment when I open a favorite blog to find something two or three days old, or even a week or more. I'm never sure how long a blog can go quiet before I get fed up of checking in and delete it from my rounds. Problem is, what happens if the blogger comes back? I always appreciate those notices that let me know the person is on vacation or bogged down with a project or RL and will be on hiatus for a while. Then I can just move their link to the bottom of my favorites list and check it infrequently.

Too, some of my favorite blogs have gone a bit self-promotional of late. I don't blame the people for using their blogs as an avenue for generating interest in their books; we get to reap the benefit of their professional wisdom and everything comes with commercials these days. But when the blog content becomes more promotional than conversational, I tend to stray away. I've either already bought the book(s) or have determined I'm not likely to because they aren't my style, so constant reminders really have no effect. I'm beginning to wonder if promoting through a blog only works on newcomers to the site because regulars have been there, done that and are only there for the appetizers and beer anyway.

What I haven't done is update my sidebar to add a handful of new sites. It's that old 10% unfinished trap I always fall into. Like leaving the dustbunnies under the couch. I'll get around to them. Eventually.

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Jean said...

I created an "Infrequently Updated or Dormant" section for blogs like that.