Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My family got me The Sims 2 for Mother's Day.

It's something I had asked for, so I was quite pleased to receive it.

But here it is, two weeks after Mother's Day, and I have yet to load the program on my machine to start playing with it. Because I'm really scared.

Scared that it's going to suck so much time the entire world will feel the pull toward my exact latitude and longitude, possibly throwing the time-space continuum as we know it into chaos.

I never do anything less than 110%. When I latch onto an idea or interest or hobby or passion, I jump in with both feet, entire torso, arms, fingers, head, hair, everything. I don't believe in dabbling. I go for full life immersion or nothing.

So loading up Sims 2 and creating characters and worlds and building houses - all of which sounds so cool to me - stands to pretty much take over my entire life. This is something I just can't afford right now. We are heading into summer vacation, which means my time already will be sucked dry with kid-things and trips and summer stuff. Last thing I need is a new addiction to a cyber-world.

Funny thing, the reason I wanted Sims 2 in the first place is that I thought it might allow me to take my characters and make them three dimensional. I thought, perhaps, I might be able to work out some scenarios on my computer screen, get an idea of how things really look outside the theatre of my brain. But I know what will happen is that I'll get wrapped up in stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with my current WIPs. Before I know, three months will have passed by with not a single word added to anything I'm working on right now, but I'll have a couple dozen new characters clamoring to be heard.

I must follow the advice of Nancy Reagan. I'm just saying No to Sims 2.

For now.

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Semavi Lady said...

"Know thyself"! Whoever said that is right. :) But I read your profile and this really is so much up your alley. You can write and direct. Even make movies of your stories. The game really is quite incredible. It can be a family experience as well.

That said, I too plunge quite a bit into current projects (for example, setting up my blog template, learning to code, etc). I have the Sims (and all the expansion packs of the previous series now) and I love the flexibility of the game. But I haven't had time to play in months! It *is* self control but also the realities of lack of time and pressing priorities.

When I do get to play, it's a reward for meeting deadlines, or when I really need something else on my mind to help me de-stress. Really works for me. Another friend rewards herself for meeting deadlines and getting through a workweek by allowing herself to play on weekends. All our schedules are different for sure.

How I got here? I just made an entry (23 May) in my blog about the Sims and (as part of my other work) I follow up on how people reach various sites I have built. You have a momentary listing in which brought me here. :)

Not speaking as a devil's advocate, but I'd encourage you to try the game and this is coming from someone who also gets thoroughly absorbed in things. You have a lot of responsibilities and I doubt you'll shirk them. You'll also be able to develop your other love -- creating characters, settings, and formulating stories.

What a wonderful Mother's day gift! Yay! Congratulations!