Monday, May 15, 2006

This 'N That

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Mine was quite nice. My husband, for all he loves to drive me crazy, knows exactly how to give me a lovely Mother's Day. He wrangled the kids - took them shopping and out to lunch - in order to give me some peace and quiet. I used this time to write and ended up spending almost the entire day lost in my story. I honestly can't think of a nicer way to spend a dreary Sunday, so I'd have to say my day was pretty close to perfect.

And, to end it all, the final episode of The West Wing aired. I'm sad the show is over. It was one of only a couple that both hubby and I enjoyed and could watch together. The characters were wonderfully three-dimensional, the dialogue so sharp and quick I often had to watch a second or third time to get it all. The cast was extraordinary: I honestly don't think I can recall a single performance by a regular or guest that I didn't find spot on.

I'm going to miss the show a lot. I understand that this was the best time for it to end, while it was still good and at the natural break between the Bartlett administration and the one to follow. But over the past two seasons, I've gotten to know the new characters well enough that I think another season or two following their progress might have been nice.

My daughter and I watched Bridget Jones' Diary this weekend. I'd seen it before, of course, but I'd forgotten how funny the movie is. The fight between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant is laugh-out-loud worthy. I don't know what the British folks out there think, because I know they were a bit miffed over the casting of Renee Zellweger as Bridget, but I think she did an amazing job in the role. And of course Colin Firth knocked me out with his Mark Darcy.

Funny thing is that I have the book but I've never read it. Now I'm motivated to do so, and after the first chapter or so, I'm really enjoying it.

Which leads me to declare that I honestly believe I may be one of only 10 people in the whole wide world who hasn't read Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code. I'm actually holding off now until I see the movie, because I figure I'm one of the very few who will be able to give an honest assessment of the movie as a movie rather than how it compares to the book. Newspapers should call me up for interviews, don't you think?

Only three and half weeks until school lets out for the summer. I'm starting to panic.

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MaryF said...

I loved BJD - book and movie. I loved the sequel book, but not movie.