Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

As you may recall, back in September we got a dog. She is just the sweetest thing, and I already love her to death (other than that throwing up on my bed thing she pulled one night at 11:30). She's so submissive it's almost annoying, but she wants to be friends with everyone she comes across.

Including our cat.

Problem is, our cat wants absolutely nothing to do with the dog. She's twelve years old (the cat), and meaner than a wild boar. She has absolutely no fear of anything. The dog outweighs her by 25 lbs, easy, but that doesn't keep the cat from running after the dog swatting at her with her paws whenever the dog tries to play with her.

Since the cat has no claws, the dog has learned that those swipes won't actually hurt her. She kind of winces as the cat makes all kinds of growling noises and generally puts up a big show of being really pissed off.

But the dog never gives up. She just doesn't get it that the cat doesn't want to play with her. That the cat will probably never want to play with her. She keeps on trying in that dumb-dog, happy-go-lucky way.

I realized the other day, as I watched them play out their little ritual, that they are the perfect romance couple. The dog and I both have hope that someday the cat will realize she really cares for the dog and they'll become friends. And isn't that just what a good romance offers?

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Larissa said...

LOL on the romance couple! *g*