Friday, January 06, 2006

Word Count Dilemmas

Notice my new WIP bar over on the sidebar? Thanks to the folks at Zokutou for supplying the ability for me to do that. I like seeing how far I've come and how far I've yet to go. Plus, posting it here publically keeps me accountable and, thus, inspired. At least I'm hoping.

But I do have an issue with this whole keeping track of progress by reporting word count. See, I finished a scene that amounts to around 2,000 (or slightly less) words. But I realize even now that I need to completely rewrite it because it's far too wordy and info-dump heavy. I need to cut back a whole lot down to pretty much just action.

So, do I keep my word count total as is and plug onward, making note that this scene needs to be reworked later? Or do I stop and rewrite the scene now as I imagine it should be, then swallow the reduction in word count?

I'm thinking it's the former. I'm really trying to work under the "crap is better than nothing" and the "just finish already!" mantras, which require turning a blind eye to the junk you know up front is junk and will have to be fixed. Making a note that this needs major work is enough to remind me, or maybe writing some detailed notes about exactly how it should be fixed.

Even so, I'm feeling quite proud that I've pounded out 1,000 words every day this week even though I was highly tempted to have a Buffy Fest because one of my favorite episodes ran in reruns this week.

Ah, the sacrifices.

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Humaira said...

Hey Lyn,

Been a while since I've been here.

I'd say keep going. That's one of my problems as a writer, but when I was doing NanoWriMo, because of the amount of words I had to get through to finish I couldn't just rewrite a scene. I'd make a not to say how to change it later maybe and then move on.

Keep going! I'm hoping to actually finish NanoWrimo this year, but I did like the stuff I came up with.

PS: You'd better keep going cos I'll keep bugging you so I can read your book when it comes out in shops!