Monday, January 08, 2007

All Over the Place

Blogger's acting a bit wonky today. Makes me nervous.

Anyhoo...Last night I watched what might possibly be the worst movie I've ever seen. Fantastic Four was anything but fantastic. I'm a huge fan of superhero movies, but I guess I don't get how/why creators try to take any kind of abnormality and turn it into a hero trait. I mean, come on, stretching powers? Rock man?? I know having the abilities of a spider are kind of bizarre, but at least they sort of make sense. A real spider does have relatively extreme powers, so a man with the equivalent would be super. Superman isn't human, so he's legit. And Batman doesn't have superpowers, per se, but super-cool gadgets and lots of smarts and cash.

But stupid superpowers aside, the movie was still god-awful. Poor writing. Stilted dialogue. And a story that went all of the place. Not to mention a villian who was mustache-twirlingly laughable. If you've never seen FF, don't bother.

Big problem with the blog. Blogger has "improved" but in such a way that I no longer have the little toolbar with all of my formatting options. This means that I have to use keyboard shortcuts to do things like bold, italics or adding links. Problem is, my Mac doesn't work with standard PC keyboard shortcuts. So pressing "CRTL + B" doesn't make something bold. Neither does pressing any other combination of keys that I can figure. Too, I no longer seem to have the option of going into the html directly to use code there to make my changes. So until I get this sorted out, my posts will contain no links nor any special formatting. Thanks ever so, blogger.

EDIT: Okay, after some research I see that my problem isn't with Blogger but with Safari, which is the browser my MacBook came equipped with. Apparently Blogger doesn't get along with Safari. I've downloaded Firefox and it seems way better as far as blogging goes. Problem solved.

Kids went back to school today. Enough said.

With my new computer came a pretty cool and user-friendly caldendar program called iCal (go figure). I went so far as to schedule myself writing time every weekday from 12:30 until 3:00. It's now 12:36. I am writing this blog, but I don't think that counts.

You know how they say it takes three weeks to create a habit? I normally don't buy into this because there are several "habits" I'd like to get into that don't come naturally even after three weeks (hello exercising and The South Beach Diet). However, there must be truth in that somewhere because I'm amazed at how easy it is to give up certain habits after you forgo them for a few weeks. I used to spend hour/s daily surfing various blogs. I've been away for awhile and so have only kept up with a handful. And now that I'm able to go back to my old routine, I'm finding I don't need to spend hour(s) surfing. I'd rather check in with half a dozen daily and move on to writing.

That's a good habit, right?

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Reel Fanatic said...

Fantastic Four was indeed entirely craptastic, but I'd hav to give the award for the worst superhero in recent years to X-Men 3, which was just so bad it made my eyes bleed